Bridging Visa E

This is for applicants who are unlawful and have been granted a location by the department, have been previously granted a Bridging visa E or are a Bridging Visa D holder.

Removal Pending Bridging Visa

A RPBV may be granted using the Minister's new non-delegable, non-compellable public interest power to grant a visa to a person in immigration detention.

(who have been cooperating with efforts to remove them from Australia, but whose removal is not reasonably practicable at that time.)

There is no formal application form for the visa. Cases are reviewed on an ongoing basis with a view to referring appropriate cases to the Minister for possible consideration.

Any visa applications made by the person, other than a repeat protection visa application (i.e. a visa application made following the exercise of the Minister's power under section 48B of the Act) must have been finally determined.

The RPBV does not allow for sponsorship of family members or provide any right of re-entry if the visa holder departs Australia.

The RPBV comes into effect when granted by the Minister and permits the holder to remain in Australia, but not to leave and/or re-enter Australia, and ceases when the visa holder leaves Australia.

Bridging Visa (General)

This visa specifies that a non-citizen can only be granted a Bridging visa E for certain ministerial intervention requests. The intervention requests should relate to a decision to refuse a substantive visa if the visa was made in Australia.

Bridging Visa (Protection Visa Applicant)

This visa is specifically for replacement of a bridging visa or change of bridging visa conditions.

You may be eligible for replacement of a bridging visa if it has ceased because:

  • you left Australia, and processing of your application for a new valid visa is not yet completed OR
  • your application for review of a decision to cancel a legitimate visa has been successful

You can apply for a bridging visa with change of conditions if you hold a bridging visa A, B, C or E.

If you are seeking unlimited permission to work, you should provide evidence of the need to work, either because of financial hardship, or because you have been sponsored or nominated for employment in an ‘approved appointment’ as part of a substantive visa application.

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Bridging Visa Other Classes

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