Refugee and humanitarian (Protection) visas

Protection visas are permanent visas that are offered to asylum seekers, who satisfy have entered Australia, either without a visa or as temporary entrants and who are found to be owed Australia's protection*. Asylum seekers also need to satisfy health, character and security requirements.

* Under Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Program protection is owed to asylum seekers as per the United Nations 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees (the Refugees Convention) and relevant Australian laws.

Note: The form for a protection visa (Class XA) visa Form 866 is not available electronically, but can be obtained from any department office, or if a person is in immigration detention, by asking a departmental officer, or through a registered migration agent.

Applications for a protection visa can be made under any of the five subclasses of the Refugee and Humanitarian visa:

Protection visa holders and accompanying family members must comply with Australian laws. Failure to do so may affect the ability to remain in Australia.

Grantees of a protection visa, with any dependent family members included in the visa application, can live as permanent residents in Australia.

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