Skilled Sponsored (Residence) Visa

To apply for this category, in addition to the basic eligibility criteria, you must be sponsored by a State or Territory government or eligible blood relative living in Australia. Once sponsored, your pass marks is reduced considerably making it easier for you to apply for permanent residence in Australia.

If you have been sponsored by a relative, the sponsor must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

You (or your spouse) must be related to the sponsor as any one of the following relationships:

  • Dependent Child, Parent, Sibling (brother or sister), Niece or nephew, Aunt or uncle

These relationships can be natural, step or adoptive.

Applicants of this visa are allowed to remain in Australia and work full time while their application is being processed. They are issued a bridging visa to maintain their legal status in Australia but they must not travel overseas on this bridging visa. Applicants can also avail of Medicare once they provide evidence of having made an application to the concerned authorities.

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