Client Testimonials

Now in Sydney, Australia

Dear Mr Dang,
please accept my compliments on the launch of your new updated website. When we came in touch with you, we had no knowledge of the immigration procedures and had a lot of negative mindset on the same. Dealing with you we experienced transparency, commitment, punctuality which I think make your organization different from others. One thing I and my wife Bharti liked about you was the personal commitment you give to every case which helps in building your clients trust in you. You have been very meticulous in your

working and do not overlook or compromise on any point no matter how small or trivial it is. I still cannot forget the time when we had to go to Sydney for the first time to validate our visa in 2007, you had extended all your help and guidance to us which were much beyond your deliverables as a consultant, thus adding a personal touch. When I am writing this testimonial for you, my six year old son wants me to add that he enjoyed the cool drinks and chocolates you and your staff offered him whenever we visited your office for discussions during the course of our immigration. This again shows how far you and your staff can go to make your clients feel comfortable. I will sum up by saying that by dealing with you we not only got our Australian immigration but also earned ourselves a friend in you and your organization. Wish you good luck for all your endeavours.


Pooja and Amit Gupta,
Now in Melbourne, Australia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Sunil Dang and his associates for providing us with exceptional professional service in regards to migration to Australia. Its been a long journey for my family to relocate to Australia and at first it seemed like a daunting task. But with guidance and expertise from Mr Dang, its been a smooth ride and my family is now happily settled in Australia. So I highly recommend that if you want to avoid headache's and unexpected results then definitely enlist Mr Dang's services.


Arpreet Singh,India
Now in Sydney, Australia

Hi Mr. Dang,
Congratulations on the launch of new website .As per my feedback to your Professional Services ,the experience has been really good from the beginning I registered to your Services till now .I was Introduced to your Consultancy through one of my very close friends whose family used your Services to migrate to Australia .To be honest by signing with Visa World I made a right decision .My case was little complex as I been Mechanical Engineer and working with IT company since beginning of my carrier I had to write a RPL to prove my skills and-

learning . The samples provided by Mr. Sunil Dang were excellent and they help me to prepare my RPL in a faster manner. The response time to my queries from Visa World was quick and they used to answer the complex of queries very easily .What I have observed and experienced that Visa World is a very professional Organisation and they tend to provide the best of their services in the time frame what they originally promised at the time of signing the contract . I do thank Visa World for all their efforts and Services what they have provided me. I am really thankful to Mr. Sunil Dang and his team for this !


Jacqui Tourneur,Mauritius
Now in Perth, Australia Visa granted in March 2008

In 2004 my husband and I immigrated from Mauritius to Perth in Western Australia to be with our son who was studying here. Within a short time our son's girlfriend also wanted to come and study in Perth and to live with us so the families organised this and voila here we all are. As a student she was only allowed to stay in Australia for two years so we found it necessary to find the services of an Agent to help us organise a 'de factor' visa. We found Sunil and Visaworld and our worries were almost over - Visaworld processed the application and everything went through without a hitch. The service was wonderful and we could not fault the way in which Sunil-

conducted business. The visa was granted and everyone was happy:) In 2008 our nephew too wanted to join us (if they keep coming we will have to buy a bigger house soon!!) so once again we employed the services of Sunil and Visaworld and once more everything was organised for us smoothly, efficiently and professionally. Again his visa was granted and we now have even less room in the house! Families - we cant live without them but they do take up room..... We would happily recommend Sunil and Visaworld to any family or individual seeking this type of assistance and having a company with such connections and capability takes all the stress out of your hands and we can then all sit back, relax and enjoy beautiful Perth.


Celeste Pillai,South Africa
Now in Perth, Australia

I would like to congratulate Sunil on launching a website that is both informative and value adding to my migration needs. Having personally consulted with Sunil on a Class VE, subclass 176 Skilled – Sponsored visa (approved 29/04/09), I am pleased to advise you that the website perfectly translates his professionalism and transparency in finding the best solution for your migration needs. As a migrant who requires answers and guidance from a reliable source and ultimately a solution to your migration needs; I highly recommend Sunil.
All the best


Marketa Fialova, Now in Perth, Western Australia

My name is Marketa Fialova and not too long ago I found myself in a situation where I had only 28 days to either leave Australia or get a new visa. That is when I met Mr Dang. He was aware of the urgency of my situation and did everything he could to make sure that all required paperwork was correct and lodged on time.
He was of great help and support, his professional advice made everything easier and thanks to him I have received my new visa on time allowing me to stay in the country for next 4 years.

Currently I am looking into applying for my residency and Mr Dang is helping me again. Even though he is in Sydney, I am sure that he will provide great assistance


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