About Visaworld

Visaworld, established in 1999, is a registered consultancy specialising in Australian immigration services for individuals, corporates and entrepreneurs looking to call Australia home to enjoy the great work-life balance and being a part of its economic success. Whether you wish to emigrate to Australia as a skilled person, investor, on a family visa or to start a new business venture, our qualified and experienced team will be pleased to assist you in a transparent manner. We are bound by a strict code of conduct and ethics put in place by the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) in Australia and the latest consumer guide can be viewed at the bottom of this page.  Please note only registered migration agents can provide immigration advice in Australia and you can report anyone pretending to be a registered migration agent here.
At Visaworld, we understand the decision to relocate to a new country is not an easy one and we are committed to help you make a smooth and speedy transition to your new life in Australia.  In addition to assisting our clients with all migration and visa-related issues, we also provide post-landing support and guidance on matters critical such as education, housing, employment, etc. for their comfortable re-settlement journey.

Scope of Our Professional Services

Our experienced consultants will assist you in identifying the best suited visa option based on your personal circumstances and provide relevant information regarding meeting the applicable eligibility criteria, the likely outcome of a future visa application, its estimated processing timeline and the costs associated with it.
We will engage with you to develop a strong strategy for addressing any complex issues that are likely to impact the outcome of your visa application adversely. These matters may include any health issues, problems in obtaining character and security clearances, domestic violence, prior criminal convictions or incarceration.
Once you have decided to retain our services for processing your visa application, our team will provide information regarding the documentary evidence needed for your visa application including the forms to be completed, samples of critical documents, etc.    All evidentiary collaterals are reviewed by a senior registered migration consultant to ensure they meet the required statutory criteria prior to its submission to the relevant authorities in Australia.   Our experienced team will prepare, lodge and manage the visa application/s until they are finalised by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia.
Please contact us or schedule an appointment to discuss your personal circumstances and your eligibility for the best suited visa for you, be it to migrate permanently, work or study in Australia or to visit family and friends for a holiday.

Giving immigration assistance in Australia
Immigration assistance is when a person uses knowledge of, or experience in, migration procedure to assist with visa applications or other visa matters by:
  • preparing, or helping to prepare a visa application or other document
  • advising about a visa application or visa matter
  • representing in, or preparing for, proceedings before a court or review authority in relation to a visa matter.
  • doing clerical work to prepare (or help to prepare) an application or other document, for example scanning or posting documents
  • providing translation or interpretation services
  • advising another person they must apply for a visa
  • passing on information produced by a third person, without giving substantial comment on or explanation of the information.

Only registered migration agents, Australian legal practitioners or an exempt person can lawfully give immigration assistance in Australia.

Registered migration agents
Registered migration agents must meet certain knowledge and character requirements to be listed on the Register of Migration Agents available on the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) website www.mara.gov.au

Legal practitioners
A legal practitioner is a lawyer who holds an Australian legal practicing certificate. Legal practitioners can provide immigration assistance in connection with legal practice.

Exempt persons
A person may lawfully give immigration assistance if they do not charge a fee for their assistance and are:

  • a nominator, sponsor or close family member of the visa applicant
  • a parliamentarian, a member of a diplomatic mission, consular post or international organisation
  • a person providing free help to prepare a submission to the Minister.

For more information about who can give immigration assistance in Australia, including how to report concerns about immigration assistance providers, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website page ‘Who can help you with your application?’.

Education agents are not exempt persons and cannot lawfully provide immigration assistance in Australia unless they are also a registered migration agent or a legal practitioner.

It is an offence for a person to give immigration assistance in Australia unless that person is a registered migration agent, legal practitioner or exempt person.
The penalty for providing unlawful immigration assistance can be up to 10 years imprisonment.

Any person who gives unlawful immigration assistance in Australia should be reported using the Border Watch Online Report on the Department’s website.