Spouse or De-facto Visas – An Overview

The Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens are able to sponsor their spouses, de-facto or same-sex partner for a temporary visa to get married in Australia or for a permanent residence visa allowing them to live in Australia. However, processing of a prospective marriage/spouse/partner visa is subject to a strict eligibility criterion and requires both the applicant and the sponsoring spouse/partner to meet the applicable criteria for a successful application. 

Your spouse/partner may be able to apply for an Australian permanent residence visa while she/he is onshore in Australia and our consultants will explain the applicable legislation and regulatory requirements to you in an easy-to-understand manner.  Our experienced team will guide you by sharing complete details of the comprehensive documentary evidence required for a spouse/partner visa and also help you save valuable time by preparing and lodging complete applications in a timely manner. We will manage the visa and sponsorship application/s until they are finalised by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia.