Aged Dependent Relative Visa
SC 114/838

This visa subclass allows the eligible residents in Australia to sponsor an aged relative living overseas to apply for a permanent residence visa. However there is a strict criterion to be met by the applicant in order for the visa application to be successful.

The key factors to be considered before applying for this visa are that the proposed applicant has an eligible sponsor who has supporting him/her financially for a significant period of time and the applicant has no other source of income or receiving money in order to meet their living expenses. In addition to this, the applicant must meet the health and character requirements before the visa can be granted by DHA.

The applicants lodging a visa application under the subclass 838 will be issued a bridging visa to remain in Australia while their application or a subsequent judicial review is being finalised. The offshore applicants have to lodge for a subclass 114 visa application but they may be able to obtain a visitor visa to visit their sponsor and other family members in Australia while their application for the Aged Dependent Visa is being considered.

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