Bridging Visa A
SC 010

This is the most common bridging visa that is issued to the visa applicants who are in Australia and decide to lodge a fresh visa application while being onshore. This visa, more commonly known as BVA, is issued automatically in most cases when a valid visa application is lodged with DHA. A BVA allows the visa applicants to remain in Australia lawfully till such time their application is finally determined, including any subsequent appeals if their visa application is refused. It is important to note that a BVA is automatically cancelled when another visa is granted or the visa holder decides to leave Australia. BVAs are issued free of cost and the issuance period is minimal, more often it is granted when DHA acknowledges your new application for a substantive visa.

Depending on the subclass of your onshore visa application, BVA often allows the holders to work without any conditions but it cannot be taken for granted. In certain cases, we can also help the visa holders to obtain permission to work, depending on their personal/financial circumstances, if the original BVA issued to them does not allow them to work. BVA holders are also eligible to apply for another substantive visa while awaiting the outcome of their application that resulted in grant of a BVA.

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